joi, 13 ianuarie 2011

Poetry Pieces of Europe vol.1

"Anthology of contemporary European poetry presenting six authors from across the continent who write verses in English without having it as a mother tongue. For free e-excerpt from the book in .pdf format, please, write to"

“Aceasta antologie a poeziei europene prezinta sase autori de pe intregul continent care scriu versuri in limba engleza fara ca aceasta sa fie limba lor materna. Pentru a accesa gratuit o parte a cartii in format .pdf, va rugam, scrieti un email la”

vineri, 23 octombrie 2009

Why writing dark poetry?

Writing poetry is a very personal thing and it depend very much of the mood of the poet. It, also, depends on the moment of the day. I think nowdays poetry is all about research and talent. For you mustn't write just what's in your head, but pick a subject or a person to write about, do the research and write about it or him/her in your own style, showing your talent, not only the instinct. Usually, dark poets write at night and the moos isn't always "cloudy", but sometimes very serene. Dark poets are fascinated by the subjects they write about. Witchckraft, ocultism, vampires, ghost tales, haunted houses, crimes or serial killers can be very inspiring. You don't have to be a rocker or an emo to write dark poems, you only have to be interested in these parts of the society and of the human being. It's strange and unique to write in this style and try to make it perfect in each step you take as a poet. When I write dark and obscure lines, I try to recreate a character through research of it's life and with my own creativity. It can be a fantasy, too! This will need more of my imagery, as fiction is a wide field of ideas. I wrote many dark poems. Some are about real characters like : Rasputin or Nero, others are fictional like Dracula or Lilith. Others can recreate the image of serial killers like BTK, Charles Manson or Edmund Kemper or just fictional serial killers or horror characters. I have always been atracted to this side of the mind, the soul and the body and the society. To understand darkness, one must understand himself/herself. When you look at a person or at a situation, it's more difficult to see the dark sides. And it's very important in the development of the character in the evolution of a human being.It's a part of us, a part of life, society and destiny. I think it's very interesting to write dark poetry. You know what they say : "You have to know your darkest side to be whole".

vineri, 7 august 2009


In the darkness of my conscience
I see the guiding light at the end of the tunnel
It is you
My greatest secret alive
You live deep inside me

You are the owner of my thoughts
You are the thousands yes’s for many no’s
You are each emotion I feel
Sin of my skin
Truth of my fantasy
Vibe of my mind

You shine through me so beautiful and wild
Miracle of my dream
Fire and passion on any realm
Poem to sensuality
In a world of duality

Mirror of my soul
Destiny of my fall
Bury my nightmares
Seduce my fantasies

Beauty siren of my fight
Swansong for the wish of the night
There is nothing behind the sounds
But the deafening silence
And the constant longing for the androgin soul

I know your face, I know your scent
I even know your name
But how do I find you ?

You are the truth of who I am……

sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2009

joi, 9 octombrie 2008


The bankruptcy in the USA seems incredibly terrifying!Why's that!?Well, because from outside, the USA had a very well penned image as a very secure country!!!That happened until the 11 th of september 2001 when terrorists high-jacked those two planes in New York and Osama Bin Laden became the most wanted person in America and throughout the world!America's security lost some degrees!!!!But, finnancially USA had a high level rate of securities!The US Government even had the resources to start the second IRAQ war because of a limited an so neccesary resource, wich is the oil!The americans payed taxes and sent their young "gunns" to support a War in the Middle East!It wasn't defense, it was conquest!!!!Still, finnanciary the USA stays still!!Even got allies in Great Britain, France and even Eastern european countries!Just Russia is precaucious as ever, if it's not about her territory or the former soviet states!!!Russia has the monopole of gas, they aren't trubled!!!
So, the world is a jungle and USA is the mighty lion that rules it!
The last real crisis happened long time ago in the USA.It was during 1929-1933 when super production ruined the american economy!It was money less!Thank God for the Second World War!The Marshall plan was perfect to sell out the wasted goods!Germany had it as a credit, Spain had to accept military basis in exchange of partial non-returnable credit from the USA for the recovery!Part of it was money, but more of it was goods!Guess which ones?Well, yes, it's the goods from the crisis!Then, USA was the knight in shining armour for Europe, so the White House did it again and saved the american economy!Is it a similar situation with the one that happens now?
Remember,a most recent crisis, the oil crisis from 1973!OPEC members agreed to use their leverage over the world price-setting mechanism for oil in order to raise world oil prices, after the failure of negotiations with the "Seven Sisters" earlier in the month.The 1973 oil crisis was a major factor in Japan's economy shifting away from oil-intensive industries and resulted in huge Japanese investments in industries such as electronics.
It seems that USA has a certain history of crisis!!But the 2008 stock of exchange liability crisis had a huge impact on the american economy in the central plan, and of course, on Europe, Asia and Australia too!Is America a barometer for the world economy?I belive so!American banks were alloud to contract high level risk credits and when they weren't returned, look what happened!Huge transnational empires had to be nationlized!Is this democracy, or it's going back to comunism!Do USA have a five-years plan?In modern economy, the intervenience of the state in economy should be small, almost unreachable!Ok, it's a crisis, but the US Government solved it way too easy!Are they hidding something bigger or was it a "hand made" crisis to prove, right before elections, that the White House is strog against winds of change? The IMF and the World Bank did nothing, isn't it awkward?
Politics, domination and religion caused a lot of conflicts during mankind history, where do they lead now!? The Middle East is a time bomb, the fanatism and the indoctrination play huge roles in people's lives!China has a increasing rate of developement and it won't stop, because of the small costs of production and an even smaller price of selling!The population of China and India keeps high level rates too!Are we going to a global super population crisis!?The climate is ,also, changing!The global warming is devasting on coast lands and tornadoes are stronger and wilder!Is a new glacial era coming towards us? We can only guess and pray for our children!For now, we should stopp fighting for supremacy through wars like USA.It look like a revenge on what happend to New York in 2001 and as a ugly takeover of oil from arabian countries!We should limit the consuming of limited resources and think of alternative energies for the sake of future generations! During world history there were certain characters, like Hitler and Stalin, that had a dark vision of inhumanity!It's unbelivable that such creatures were to the point to rule the world, no matterhow many sacrifices were needed, nor the future consequences!We don't need another Third Reich, nor another URSS!Still, there's the European Union!Every country within it must obey the rules, regulations and idiocracy of EU!Where is this going to!Why not letting Turkey in?Europe wants a road to oil, but doesn't want Turkey within it!Is it religion the reason?None admits it nor denies it!
Is the finnancial crisis in USA a point of control or is it a small start for a bigger event!?Should Europe be afraid of the risky global stock market, that has it's major point and center in New York!?We can only make suppositions and graphics!Still where is the world going to, self distruction or the conquest of itself and God knows of what else?